Entos De-Pest ensures your expensive furniture, woodwork and properties remain safe from damage caused by termites. Our service produces instant kill effect on termites. This is achieved by the use of globally approved chemicals. De-Termite solutions is highly recommended for use during the pre-construction phase of buildings.


Cockroaches flourish in kitchen or pantry areas of residences, corporate offices, restaurants and hotels. We are experts in treating such areas with our De-Pest technicians using suitable de-infestation methods. De-Cockroach Solutions help in bringing down the infestation levels, ultimately providing a ‘de-risk’ environment.


Blood thirsty bedbugs are notorious for their insatiable hunger for human blood. Easily migrating bugs, they cover vast distances with the help of tourists who travel – it is a nightmare to the hospitality industry. Heavy infestations are ‘de-pested’ by our well-trained De-Pest professionals using chemicals and minor infestations involve exposure to sun and “kicking” the bed bugs out.


Rats are highly intelligent creatures, making it a challenge to get rid of them. There are different kinds of rats with various breeding behaviors. We use various integrated ‘de-ratting’ methods which deliver faster results and ensure protection from rat infestations. The De-Pest experts is adept at helping clients identify and close entry points which is a very crucial part of De-Rat Solutions.


Mosquitoes create mayhem in tropical climates by spreading various dangerous diseases. Fortunately Entos De-pest provides solutions that are easy on the environment. The De-Pest technicians use high quality products and application methods. Whether it is mist blowing or indoor residual spray for wall treatment, we ensure that your mosquito woes become history, periodically. We also provide integrated De-Mosquito solutions for mosquito larvae found in stagnant water areas with larvicides, preventing further mosquito breeding.


Entos De-Pest’s De-Fly solutions gets rid of flies both indoors and outdoors for you. Flies are carrier of deadly diseases and contaminate food. Our team of experts identifies and gives suggestions on the breeding source. We use chemical sprays, which have a quick response time.


Spiders and spider webs bring an uncleanly atmosphere to residences, offices, hotels and shops. We ‘de-pest’ around windows, baseboards and doorways in order to create a barrier and prevent them from entering your premises.


Geckos being a small to medium species of lizard are known for their amazing ability to walk on vertical surfaces. Geckos give nightmares to children and are considered inauspicious in many house-holds. Our de-pest professionals apply necessary methods to control the Gecko population