“There is no place like home.” You may live anywhere in the world, but India will always be ‘home’, a place that you look forward to coming back to, time after time.

A house which remains closed for several months in a year would surely take the fun out of homecoming. You can trust Entos De-Pest to take care of your home in India – to keep it running and ready for your arrival, so that you can look forward to coming back ‘home’ and not dread going to a musty structure.

De-pest cleaning services are useful if you want a clean house when you visit on vacation, or want to clean after tenants have moved out, or want to clean it prior to the ‘moving in’ of a new tenant. The de-pest Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for periodical cleaning specifically includes toilet sanitaries, kitchen cleaning, electrical fixtures cleaning, window cleaning etc. We also send a detailed de-pest report once every six months on your home conditions/maintenance.