Ethical Work Culture

  • Honoring the morals and values that provide pride to our profession
  • Emphasis on neat appearance and systematic approach
  • Service delivery powered by responsibility, involvement and accountability
  • Adhering to customer’s safety and security systems
  • Period training and monitoring on behavior, skills and knowledge of our team member

Integrated Innovative Techniques

  • Identifying infested pest species
  • Understanding the eco system of pest habitat
  • Designing preventive and corrective measures
  • Application of non-chemical and chemical methods
  • Inbuilt review system
  • Customer feedback system

Customer’s Friend-in-need

  • Specific communication
  • Every touch point ensures customer satisfaction
  • Responding to our customer feedbacks with respect
  • Teams deputed to our customers’ premises are safe and secure
  • Committed to the objective of a life time relationship

Environment Specific

  • Using chemicals approved by Central Insecticides Board (CIB)
  • Entos (Segmented) analysis and integrated approach towards every pest infestation
  • Judicious application of our services

Economic and Cost Effective Solutions

  • Providing services based on the type of pest infestations faced by customers
  • Adopting economic, eco-friendly changes
  • Utilizing safe technologies for maximizing efficacy
  • Delivering value for money invested by customers in preventive and corrective measures
  • Helping customers avoid risking their property and health